What is it about lines in architecture that are so aesthetically pleasing?

R3D Photography Lines In Architecture

I don’t know if it’s the engineering background in me, my OCD-like need for symmetry, or just the simple beauty of a structure or space with clean lines that draw the attention of the viewer, but I love lines, especially in architecture.

Maybe this is because, in photography, lines are often attributed to human emotion:

Vertical lines

Vertical lines are uplifting, strong and powerful.

Diagonal lines

Diagonal lines imply motion, action or change. They are dynamic.

Curved lines

Curvy lines are slow and meandering. They say “take your time, and don’t rush.” They can appear melancholy or hopeful, depending on the direction of the curve. They can also be sensual.

Horizontal lines

Horizontal lines are steady and calm. They imply tranquility or stability.

We may find that we are subconsciously drawn to subject matter whose lines “align” with our mood! This may also be a link to our attraction of various design styles in architecture.


Ray Sheley III is the Owner of R3D Media, a professional photography, video and aerial firm that specializes in architectural, real estate and commercial photography. Ray is a member of the Association of Independent Architectural Photographers (AIAP) and has almost a decade of experience working with architects, engineers, developers, realtors and business professionals nationally to photograph their properties, projects or products for marketing purposes.

Ray’s work can be seen here: www.r3dmedia.com

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