1) Everything Can Change In An Instant

This has always been a reality, however it became ever apparent to the masses in 2020 when going through the COVID pandemic. The simple fact that our worlds can turn upside down in a blink of an eye was a harsh reality check for many people.

2) Healthcare Workers Are Amazing

I got COVID in November 2020 and spent 4 days in the hospital. It was during that time I witnessed the attentive, dedicated and heartfelt care from a whole team of healthcare professionals. They deserve every bit of respect, appreciation and praise we can give them!

3) We Are Resourceful

I’ve never seen people get that creative on ideas ranging from work-from-home setups to decent toilet paper substitutes.

4) We Care About Each Other

As humans, it is in our nature to care for one another. This is ever more prevalent during times of tragedy, when it is needed the most. I am proud to have been witness to extreme acts of caring, friendship and support between those close to me and in my network of people.

5) Real Estate Never Stops

Even during uncertain times, like the COVID pandemic, real estate happened. People always need to buy or sell homes, whether for good or bad reasons.

6) The Work From Home Model Works

I was a technology consultant in the corporate world for many years. and for a long time there was a universal skepticism that a remote work force would not be productive. 2020 was a forced trial of this model and it proved that a work from home model can work. Moving forward, many business owners are going to continue this model in full or in an hybrid manner.

7) The Work From Home Model Probably Isn’t Permanent

Yes, we proved that we can be productive while working remotely. However, almost a year into this “new normal”, most people I talk to have a strong desire to go back to an office environment. The most common feedback is “we lost our culture”. There is something said about face-to-face interaction with your collogues. Interaction that is lost in a phone call or video conference. Humans are social creatures, we need to be with other humans and this happens most in the workplace because this is where we spend the better part of our days.

8) We Are Indivuals

Whether on the topic of religion, politics, social discord, etc., everyone has their own opinion. 2020 put us all to test between religious scandal, a Presidential election and a global pandemic. Arguments for or against every topic were abound, and that’s ok! The 1st Amendment provides freedom of religion, speech, press, assembly, and petition. The reality is that we will never all have the same thoughts, beliefs and opinions. The challenge is finding a balance for acceptance and tolerance.

9) Time Management Is Important

How we utilize our time is completely in our control. Outside of work, so many people chose to take the time of quarantine to exercise, read books, do DIY projects, binge watch TV series, and more.

10) Technology Is Essential

Technology is essential to keep us all connected, informed and communicating. The world has seen more technological revolution during this pandemic than ever before, and the companies that have really survived well are those that were digitally enabled. People who had never used computers now holding multiple Zoom meetings one after the other. Digital is the future.

11) We Need To Take Care of Ourselves

Health is important! This year has taken a toll on our mental and physical health. We have been tested to the extreme, but we have survived this situation because we remained strong. It is critical to take care of our mental and physical well being.

12) We Can Adjust

You can’t always plan everything in life, but you can definitely change your plans according to the situation. We all had plans for 2020 and all those plans went down the drain in an instant. When the pandemic started, we were all very scared of the uncertain future. Now, life has started going back to a new normal. We have all adapted ourselves to this new normal.

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